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Achieve 800% ROI On Your CRM

Implementing a CRM system that truly gets results for your business takes more than a software installation—it takes strategy. As a Zoho partner and Act! partner we’re able to help our clients reach ROI as high as 800% on their CRM. Reaching numbers like this is possible when you tap into the knowledge of experienced CRM experts that can help you streamline your CRM processes, customize to fit your goals, and train your users to get the most out of every interaction.

About CRM Pro Partners

CRM Pro Partners is both a Zoho partner and an ACT! partner, and our team is dedicated to the successful implementation of your Contact Relationship Management (CRM) softwares. We offer the tools, training, and support necessary to truly succeed with your CRM software. We strive to provide a 3rd party perspective into how you should manage your contact data – offering professional insight into the processes that help you get the most from your CRM.

Leverage 15 years of Experience Overnight

If you’re out there looking you’ll notice plenty of CRM partners to choose from. They range in size, costs, experience, and most importantly, their approach. At first glance, it can be difficult to even gauge a prospective partner. They’re often not up front about costs, their experience isn’t easily pre-measured, and their approach requires a phone call to really understand.

How are we different?

Our approach is thoughtful, our costs are public, and our experience is expressed through our customers’ own words.

One size does not fit all. CRM Pro Partners doesn’t strive to be everything to everyone.  We are not constantly remolding ourselves to fit new clients. Instead, we choose clients that are a good fit with the methods we’ve established to bring success.

Our Focus

Our focus is on honesty. What does this mean for you? If we’re a good match, you’ll never have to look for a CRM partner again. If we’re not a good match we’ll point you in the right direction. CRM Pro Partners will never force a square peg into a round hole.

We’ve been doing this for over 15 years. The trials and errors are over. If you’re ready to take your CRM to the next level, let’s talk.

We Complement Your IT Dept.

You might think your IT department can get you up and running. They can. But that’s just the first step. From there you need a CRM specialist. A partner who can understand your specific needs and customize the CRM to fit. Even industry-specific CRM systems need to be tailored to your company’s specific needs.

That’s where CRM Pro Partners comes in to play. We don’t approach your CRM from an IT personnel’s perspective. We approach it from the user and manager’s point of view. We see your needs in a way IT departments tend not to understand.

Don’t have IT Dept Help? 

CRM systems are all unique and often don’t play by the same rules that typical Windows applications follow. This makes them much harder to support which is why many IT departments take a hands-off approach to supporting your CRM.

Luckily, you can have CRM Pro Partners on your team too. We can handle everything from start to finish. Including the project plan, the configuration, installations,  all the way to supporting your users after you go live. A true, one-stop shop for your CRM.

We’re Your Zoho Partner

CRM Pro Partners is a Zoho partner specializing in CRM consulting

Understanding your Needs

You understand your business. We understand CRM. Let’s meet in the middle where the magic happens. CRM Pro Partners will meet with you and your staff to develop an approach to CRM that works for both management and the end-user. The end result? A CRM system you and your users believe in. Check out our consulting page for more info.

Getting your Users Onboard

Sales people are often reluctant to learn a CRM system. They say they should be out selling, not coming to the office to enter data. They’re absolutely right. Part of customizing a CRM includes eliminating any unnecessary data entry – streamlining the process so that salespeople spend their time selling. Now, add that together with proper training, and a mobile CRM app, and you’ve got yourself a serious selling tool.

Training your Team

One of the most important factors in successfully implementing CRM is training. CRMs, even the simple ones, aren’t exactly simple. They have busy screens, lots of menus, lots of fields, lots of buttons – it can be overwhelming. CRM Pro Partners simplifies. We streamline the screens, remove unnecessary items, and then train your users how to get from point A to point Z. Read more about it on our training page.

Mobile Access for Mobile Teams

Every decent CRM comes with a mobile app. CRM apps enable salespeople to work in the field, leaving notes and histories as they go. With voice-to-text, salespeople can leave notes without typing a single letter. Imagine walking out of a meeting and before you even start the car, you’ve left meeting notes and scheduled a follow-up.

This also allows users in the office to instantly see what’s going on with any account, in real time. Creating a new layer of communication that otherwise would only exist through timely phone calls. To learn more about CRM mobile apps, read our article on the topic.

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