Zoho consultant planning CRM strategy with a client.

Your Zoho Consultant

CRM systems can be complicated. If you have an IT department they can likely get you started with a CRM, but to really maximize your investment—you need a specialist. As a Zoho consultant and an Act! consultant, CRM Pro Partners can help you coordinate and organize your CRM implementation before you even take the first step. They say every minute spent planning saves you 15 minutes during execution. They’re not wrong.

The first step of implementing a CRM is often choosing which CRM system to go with. We help our clients identify their business needs so we can look at each CRM system with a critical eye. This allows you to find a CRM that meets your needs specifically, rather than trying to fit into a pre-packaged box.

When you work with CRM Pro Partners we bring these unknowns to light. Leveraging the knowledge you have about your business and our knowledge about CRM—we walk away with a well-defined system that’s perfectly fit for your business needs.

Types of Consulting

CRM Pro Partners offers consulting on CRM systems in any capacity. Whether you’re trying to find the best CRM for your company, customize your existing CRM or just get help with technical difficulties – we are here to help. Below is a list of the different types of consulting we offer.

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Is CRM Good For Your Business?

If you’re still trying to determine whether or not CRM is a good idea for your business or whether it’s overkill, that’s the first type of consulting we do. There are a few key questions to ask here.

  • Do your sales typically take more than one call?
  • How important are relationships to future sales?
  • Would you benefit from a strong sales follow-up routine?
  • Does your product or service require maintenance or support?
  • Do you do any marketing or should you do marketing?
  • Are your salespeople mobile?

There are plenty of other questions you can ask to determine if CRM is a good idea for your business or not. However, we do find that CRM tends to be universally beneficial in the Business-to-Business realm. Though not all CRMs are right for all businesses. Finding the exact right fit can be a challenge. If you’re in this position let’s talk.

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