Zoho CRM Consultant

This may sound nerdy but implementing a new CRM can be exciting: a fresh new perspective and organized place for all of your customer information, streamlined processes, and workflows that automatically complete themselves—it’s exciting. Maintaining that excitement and momentum is key to the continued success of your CRM.

The first thing that keeps the momentum rolling is having a well-trained user group. Initial training is where it starts but follow-up training and other ongoing education options help keep interest high. You can learn more about our training options on the training page.

The second thing that keeps the momentum up is having a clear path to help when your users need it. We go into detail about support on our support page.

The third thing that keeps the momentum is making sure your CRM changes when your business changes. That’s what our consulting is all about – making sure your CRM is the right fit now and into the future. If you’d like help with any of the types of consulting discussed on this page, please reach out to us. We’re always willing to discuss your needs, off the clock, to get you on the right track.

Technical Support

Part of your training should be teaching your team how to get support when they need it. None of these CRM systems are so simple that they don’t require support ever. So be sure your users have a clear way to get help. That help needs to be easy to get to and quick to answer. Waiting for support lowers morale in regard to your CRM and can quickly diminish your user adoption rates.

As a Zoho CRM consultant and an Act! CRM consultant, we provide initial user training that ends with a section on support. Users will be given a support link that they can click to submit questions or schedule time for support. You can also just call our toll-free or local number and receive support over the phone, on the spot. We offer several support plans as well as a pay-as-you-go option.

Depending on your CRM, and your needs, there are often other support avenues as well. Such as calling directly to the CRM vendor. Though they won’t be intimately familiar with your configuration like CRM Pro Partners would be, but it’s still an option that we discuss.

zoho CRM consultant helping a client maintain their CRM instance.

Maintenance – Your Changing Needs

Not all support is of a technical nature. Sometimes you need support to re-configure the CRM to fit your changing needs. New products? New marketing campaigns? Changes to workflows and other automated processes?  There are a lot of reasons you may need help. Having one place to go for that help makes it easier and more likely to happen.

Companies that sit on these needs and don’t modify their CRM to fit those needs often find themselves down the road looking for a new CRM. Not because their CRM can’t complete the mission at hand but because their CRM is simply out of date and is no longer relevant to what they’re trying to accomplish.

In these cases, companies can often re-configure their existing CRM instead of abandoning it.  However, it’s better to keep things up to date as you go. When your needs change, or when things aren’t working like they need to, reach out. Never sit on issues, tackle them instead.

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